Best lt1 optispark replacement

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Check Fit. Brand: Summit Racing. Part Type: Distributors. UPC: Computer-Controlled Compatible: Yes. Trigger Style: Optical. Advance Type: Computer-controlled. Ignition Box Required: No. Mechanical Tach Drive: No.

Slip Collar: No. Distributor Gear Rotation: Standard. Distributor Cap Color: Black. Housing Material: Cast aluminum. Housing Finish: Natural.

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Marine Use: No. Quantity: Sold individually. These distributors feature an aluminum housing with heavy-duty oilite bushings, and a glass-reinforced cap with high dielectric strength and aluminum terminals.

best lt1 optispark replacement

I have a Customer Service question order, shipping, returns, etc. I would like to ask other customers a question about this Product. This product is the rotor. The Optispark combines the rotor and timing system into one unit.Display Options. Already know the part number you need?

best lt1 optispark replacement

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best lt1 optispark replacement

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Price for Optispark replacement. I have a 95 Vette which might would explain why I am posting here with 58K miles. Recently the waterpump went, thankfully the waterpump was covered by my Extended auto warranty. However, the antifreeze flooded the optispark and thus it needed to be replaced. I took the car to the local dealer becuse I had a number of things I wanted to have done under warranty. However I have to pay for the optispark on my own since the warranty does not cover it.

I am being charged roughly for the optispark repair. Is this a normal amount for this work or should I take my Corvette somewhere else in the future? What prices have you guys seen when you did this? I also had new plugs and wires installed I bought myself as well. My opti was not in bad shape, but I didn't want to take any chances.

I've been told by many that if the water pump fails to replace the opti. Hope this helps! Opti Replacement The opti spark unit can be purchased for to from several sources with GM probally being the higest.

If they have the water pump off, it is not much more work to replace the opti. The dealer may have a flat rate charge for repairs. I just had the Opti replaced in my 94 10, miles last fall at a Chevy dealer. Sounds like I got a bargain for the price I paid. With the exception of course of not having to do it myself. Thanks guys Jedi. Question on 96 HI ls this true also with the 96???? Just because the water pump leaked on it does not mean it absolutely must be replaced.

I have literally directed the water hose on stream setting right on my opti with no problems at all plenty of times. So 40, miles later and I have never had a problem yet. If the car has high miles on it, i would replace it since you have it apart for the water pump. They should not charge full price though since it is mostly apart already at that point.

For a '93 you can either upgrade to the vented Opti, or you can replace with a stock '93, nonvented Opti. I replaced mine with the original style. Both are great to deal with. My mechanic is in Glen Burnie, is that close enough for you?Complementary Work: This would be a good time to install new spark plug wires.

Spark plug wires on the LT1 are a major effort. It usually takes around four hours. This new Opti-Spark distributor was supposed to be the greatest thing since GM did away with ignition points.

Instead there was an internal mistake and the Opti-Spark caused Corvette owners a tremendous amount of aggravation. One of the goals was to control spark scatter during transient maneuvers, such as acceleration.

The LT1 Opti-Spark Distributor

GM also wanted to eliminate the large timing errors that happen during starting. This was a traditional problem with magnetic reluctance timing sensors. The Opti-Spark is a distributor with a two track optical position sensor, a keyed drive shaft, an ECM, a single ignition coil and driver and conventional secondary wires and park plugs.

Contrary to what many people believe, most spark errors actually occur at low speeds, especially starting, not at high rpm. Spark errors also occur during transient movements such as acceleration, deceleration and transmission shifts. A key element in this Opti-Spark system was the increased overall diameter of the distributor which allowed for greater separation between the secondary terminals within the cap. This reduced cap and rotor wear by reducing the ozone formed when the spark is jumping large rotor-to-cap gaps.

For all of its innovations, one major problem occurred in the transition to actual production. The casing of the Opti-Spark, which was mounted to the front of the engine, just behind the water pump, was designed with a small hole at the base. This would allow any condensation formed within the distributor to drain out. The design engineering team was very precise about the size of this hole. After the design was completed the unit was passed on to what is called validation engineering.

This group changed the size of the hole without communicating this change to anyone else. The validation team felt the hole was simply too large and would allow water to enter into the distributor.

The problem was this new drain hole was simply too small to allow condensation to flow out of the distributor. Then to make matters just a little worse the validation team changed the composition of the internal components, making them less corrosion resistant.

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That was all that was needed to make this one of the most failure prone components in Corvette history. Eventually a recall campaign led to all or most of the units being replaced. Today there are several units on the market that incorporate some design changes that make the unit very reliable. This is important since there are no alternatives on the market for the Opti-Spark. Petris Enterprises is the only firm that sells the Opti-Spark with all the upgrades. They actually use a flow through ventilation system that circulates air through the distributor cap.

Just remember to cover the hole when you detail your engine. You have to be very careful when you do any engine detailing with the LT1. A lot of folks have gotten a little carried away cleaning their engine compartments and killed the Opti-Spark in the process.

Before you do any detailing you should take a towel or shop rag and cover the hole in the Opti-Spark casing. I use a shop rag and then duct tape it so no moisture can possibly destroy the unit. Once you kill the unit be prepared to spend some very serious money. You can easily see how far the terminals are from each other. This greatly improved the low speed performance of the new LT1 engine.Our Mission To deliver performance and longevity to the LTx engines through the quality and design of our products.

Same performance. Plug and Play. Turn-key performance. Completely factory tested. Full Kits. Same installation steps as replacing the original Opti-spark!! Swap your hub and your done. It is already installed with vast majority of the engine connections already connected Your wiring solution assembled, tested, in stock and ready to go!! We use ONLY the best sensors available. Engine performance demands quality sensors. Large 1X camshaft reluctor provides a high degree of angular accuracy and resolution.

This design ensures you get a solid signal regardless of engine component choice and tolerances.

best lt1 optispark replacement

Set it and forget it! Quality machined components. Sensor to reluctor specifications are measured and precisely achieved during assembly and in pre-shipment testing. Reliable distributorless ignition DIS. No rotor based high-tension spark components to fail. Enjoy the benefits of Coil-on-Plug ignition!! High mechanical RPM reliability and performance.

Your engine is ready now!! Both spline ''94 and pin ''97 Opti-spark drive generations are supported. Our sensing unit is ready for your engine. ATI Racing hubs and dampers are supported.

Other crankshaft hub and dampener brands, such as Professional Product and Fluidampr, are also supported. Contact us for details. Get more than just a new ignition system for your LT1. Clean up your engine bay and top it off with our new intake manifold mounted coil pack setup. We also sell a variety of custom LT1 fuel rail covers. Fuel Rail Covers Amazing fit. Clean up the look of your LT1 5. Keep up to date on our products by joining our mailing list. Take a more in-depth look at the 24xLink components.

Like our page and stay connected with the latest from Torqhead LTD. Help us make more and even better products. TorqHead LTD products are for off-road use only. All prices listed on website or store are USD. Follow Along! Sign up Now.Note: Harness may not fit all applications and you may need to use your original harness or modify the new one as shown below. Provides consistent spark up to RPM! They have to be purchased through SacCityCorvette to receive this.

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Our Products Are. See this Fitment Guide for part number and to confirm this is the correct part before purchase. In other words, make sure you visually check to see if you have a Vented or Non Vented before you order! Generally Corvette's. They are being made overseas with sub-par production quality standards and being sold here on eBay for ridiculously low prices.

We have used many of these poor quality distributors in the past and have firsthand experience with the optical encoder in these distributors prematurely failing due to poor construction and quality.

Why take the risk? This is why we have designed our own optical encoder specifically for this distributor. See Fitment Guide.

Optispark Msd Lt1 Deals

If The Harness Doesn't Fit. Click Photo. Here's whats new for the Vented Opti! Revised Upper and Lower Rubber Gaskets with increased sealing surface. Click on picture to see detailed of the new updated Vented Optispark.Find deals. Sort By. Best Match. Expiring date. Price ascending. Price descending. Price Range 0. Condition 0. Brand 0. Corvette Mods. Store 0. Fixed Pricing. Free Shipping. A-Team Performance components offer a quality design at an affordable price.

Our Opti-Spark Distributors are a no-brainier!

Inside the LT1 Optispark

E-commerce market demands Hi-Quality products and low prices. King Auto Part Company offers good and consistent quality, durability and reliability on its products. This all-new polymer intake will increase the performance of stock and modified versions of the Direct-Injected LT1 engine.

Through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling, MSD was able to optimize the plenum volume and improve runner layout. Unique bell-mouthed runner openings, optimum runner length, and minimal shrouding ensure maximum airflow and cylinder-to-cylinder balance. The LT1 intake is a two piece molded design which allows for porting and runner modification, while the polymer construction minimizes the weight and reduces the heat absorption.

MSD also makes it easy to accommodate power adders by equipping the AirForce LT1 manifold with integral port fuel injection bosses at the base of each runner.

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FeaturesDyno-proven bolt-on power - Double-digit Horsepower and torque gains compared to the OE manifoldRunner layout and plenum design promotes maximum airflowTwo-piece design allows easy access to the both ends of the runnersGlass-reinforced composite resists heat soak and minimizes weightAccepts OEM and aftermarket electronic throttle bodiesEquipped with port injector bosses to easily accommodate power adders.

Improve the performance of your Vortec by installing our high dwell Dyna-Module. Dwell within the module controls a coils saturation time, which is the time needed by the coil to produce a spark.

The dwell in our Dyna-Module has been increased electronically to provide the coil with additional saturation time.

The result is a more intense and longer duration spark in the combustion chamber that will improve throttle response and low end power. Installation is easy as the Dyna-Module mounts in the original factory location with no modifications.

Fits the C4 Corvette LT Show more. Our machine learning engine curates the best deals from hundreds of retailers, covering a large scale of brands and products.

Whether you're a bargain hunter or just looking for the best price for an item you are interested in, be sure to visit our site before you make a purchasing decision. Powered by. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page.


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